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​​About Us

The Erie Fire Protection District serves and protects the city limits of Erie and a rural area of about 120 square miles. The department is made up of 29 volunteer firefighters and 21 EMT's. The Fire Chief is Doug Rutledge. Assistant Fire Chiefs are Scott Melton and KB Melton III. The EMS Director is Jane Keag, and the Assistant Director is Scott Melton.


We are hiring!

We are currently looking for applications who would like to join our Fire or Ambulance department. Are you willing to volunteer your time to assist in the safety and well being of the community? If so, please let us know. You can get an application by coming up to the fire station anytime somone is there or by talking to a fire or amublance person, or you can download an application for the fire department below.


Erie Fire Department Application in PDF


Erie Fire Department Application in Word

Ambulance Department history

The Erie Ambulance was established in 1976 as a BLS service. The service then upgraded to ILS in 1992. We are through the Genesis Medical Center's Illini Campus at ILLINI Hospital in Silvis IL. We have 20 EMT-B or above medics on our service and 9 additional drivers or First Responders on the Ambulance department. There are also an additional 11 firefighters that are certified at the First Responder level. The ambulance department rotates being on call for 12 hour shifts. At least 2 medics, at least one at a EMT-I level or above, and a driver respond to calls when they are on call. The average response time is three minutes from the time we are paged out until the time the rig is on the road.
If you know more about our history, please send an email to or send it on using our contact us page!

Fire Department history

The Erie Fire Department has been around for over 50 years. The fire department has 2 engines, 1 brush truck, 1 command vehicle, 1 tanker, 1 ATV Rescue/Brush vehicle, and 1 boat. The Department protects around 120 square miles and is also a member of Mabas 30 which helps to protect Whiteside county. The department also serves on the Mabas 30 hazmat team.
If you know more about our history, please send an email to or send it on using our contact us page!