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​​Below are some of the certifications our Firefighters have taken.  These certifications require multiple hours of training. 

Firefighter Hierarchy of Certifications

​Firefighter Prerequisite Chart

Firefighters who have completed Basic Operations Firefighter

Jared Barber​ 5/13/2013

Mark Wiseley 5/20/2013

Scott Melton 9/4/2013

Josh VanDeWostine 6/15/2014

Kurt Wolf 5/24/2014


Firefighters who have completed FireFighter II

Doug Rutledge

Scott Melton

Steven Possley

Scott Miner

Jamie Melton

Dean Schmidt

Joe Froeliger

Craig Huizenga

Tod McCullough

Jeff Steimle

Chad Misfeldt

Mark Wiseley

Ben Vittori

Cameron Klendworth

Josh VanDeWostine

Jared Barber

Jessie VandeWostine

Jordan Garrison

Kurt Wolf

Sam Melton

Firefighters who have completed Instructor I​

​Jared Barber 6/10/2009

Joe Froeliger 1/18/2008

Scott Melton 1/18/2008

Scott Miner 1/18/2008

Jeff Steimle 1/18/2008

Mark Wiseley 3/22/2015

Kurt Wolf 3/22/2015

Josh VanDeWostine 3/22/2015

Jesse VanDeWostine 3/22/2015

Sam Melton​​ 3/22/2015